"SMS-subscriptions" is an opportunity to receive the most interesting, the most relevant content, spending a minimum of money and time!


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How to subscribe

It's simple! Choose your interesting subscriptions, confirm the choice - and the service you have in your pocket!
You can subscribe to:

Using the Web-based interface of Megafon's "Mobile Subscriptions" service;
Using the MegaFonPRO WAP portal in the "Catalog" section of the "Mobile Subscriptions" service;
Using the MegaFonPRO WAP portal in the "Recommended" section of the "Mobile Subscriptions" service;
Sending an SMS message with the team to subscribe to 5051
By sending a USSD command in * 505 # XX # format, where XX is the unique subscription identifier.

Time of reception of the information

The time of receiving information is from 9 to 21 hours, taking into account the time of the capital of the macroregion:
The Moscow branch of OJSC "MegaFon" - Moscow (MSK)
North-West Branch - St. Petersburg (MSK)
The central branch is Nizhny Novgorod (MSK)
Caucasian branch - Krasnodar (MSK)
Volga Region Branch - Samara (MSK)
Ural Branch - Yekaterinburg (MSK + 2)
Siberian Branch - Novosibirsk (MSK + 3)
Far Eastern Branch - Khabarovsk (MSK + 7)


When registering a subscription, the cost of the subscription and the frequency of its receipt are indicated. Subscription is automatically renewed until you refuse further information. All incoming SMS-messages are not additionally charged. The cost of Internet traffic is paid according to your tariff plan.

How to unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe from the following ways:
1. On the WEB-interface of the service "Mobile Subscriptions" in the Personal Area section of the Megaphone website.
2. On the WAP interface of the service "Mobile subscriptions": select the section "My subscriptions" -> [Subscription name] -> Settings -> Unsubscribe.
Only active subscriptions are shown in the "My Subscriptions" section.
3. Send an SMS message to number 5051 with the command to unsubscribe in the format: Stop XX Where XX is the unique subscription identifier.
Instead of the "Stop" command, you can use: No, Undo, Unsubscribe, No, or Stop;
4. Sending the USSD-command in the format * 505 # 0 # XX #, where XX - unique identifier of the subscription.