Interactive Cell Broadcast (ICB) is a media channel broadcasting in the mobile networks, and allows to conduct interactive, informational, marketing, entertainment events. Feature of this media channel, in contrast to [SMS] -link, is the localization of mailings in time and space (the area of ​​one cell, a group of arbitrary cells, the whole network as a whole). For an ICB subscriber, these are short messages that periodically appear on the screen of the phone in standby mode. If a subscriber is interested in this message, he can receive the requested information with a single click.

Our company is the service provider of the "Kaleidoscope" service for the operator Megafon throughout the territory of Russia.

Two important differences from applications

1) easy connection of the service: nothing needs to be installed on the phone
2) no need to send any texts, just select the menu item on the phone screen

Example of broadcasting

 Пример вещания