We’ve already written about our friend&neighbor - the “Deti BELA” charitable fund (http://deti-bela.ru/) which provides assistance to children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa.

We try and help the fund in every way we can, both physically and professionally - we’ve already created a website for them (the first and the second versions) and now we’re developing Android and iOS versions of the “Deti BELA” mobile application. The app will provide information about all the children in ward, as well as the possibility to make a donation. Moreover, in the "Our fairy tales" tab anyone will be available to buy tales about butterflies and thus additionally help the kids. Users will also be able to make their own profiles where the total amount of donations made, history, and the number of accumulated points will be shown.

At the moment, we have completed the design for both versions and would like to share some screenshots of the "Deti BELA" future app:

fond222 fond111

fond333 fond444