On March 19, 2015, our CTO Dmitry Karasev took part in a professional conference on online analytics "Go Analytics! 2015 " which was held in Moscow in the "MOD Design" space with the support of Google.

At the conference anyone could get the latest information on analytics, real cases from market professionals and top advertisers. Dmitry told us that he enjoyed the conference: he met some new interesting  people and listened to informative speeches such as "Product analytics insight: how to count less and make more correct decisions" by Ilya Krasinsky and "Moving data from Google Tag Manager Setup to transfer in Google BigQuery and visualization in Google Sheets" by Vladislav Flux, also "Why do some grow when others fail? Case of the  Virgins Club" by Artem Ovechkin and workshop "Interactive solvation of  business problems with Google Analytics and Big Query".