Dear users of Count, today we have prepared for you another lesson on the use of our best app for personal finance management. We have already discovered all the benefits of the Main Screen, and shown how to plan a Budget with Count. Today we will talk about Debts ... If you have no debt, it’s wonderful, our congrats! But sometimes there are situations when you lend and/or borrow money. It’s quite difficult to keep in mind every debt - who(m), how much and when to return, so for your convenience we added to Count such an option as a debt list. 

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To create a debt, select My debts in the Menu and click on “+”.

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Now select the type of your debt ("Owed to me" or "I borrowed"), fill in the fields: name, account, description, date of return, the amount of debt.

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Debt detailed page. When the debt is returned, it is automatically placed in the archive.

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List of debts “I borrowed” is created according to the same scheme as “Owed to me”. It’s so convenient to have a separate list of debts!