We continue our series of lessons about how many interesting and convenient things there are in our app for managing personal finance Count. Previously, we released the first lesson which clearly demonstrated the possibilities of the Main Screen. Today we’ll talk about the Budget - we’ll show how to plan out the budget with Count.

lesson2.1 eng

In "Menu" select "My budget" and get to the tab with a funny red cat that would also like to make its budget.

lesson2.24 eng

Add a new budget: choose a category, currency, write in the amount of the budget, select start and due dates, and set a repetition period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or your own period).

lesson2.3 eng

Save your data, and now you can see the total budget for the current month in "My budget" - a budget amount in each category, how much is spent and left. A diagram to the left illustrates the state of each budget category.

lesson2.4 eng

Clicking on any budget category you can see all the operations on this category and its subcategories.

lesson2.51 eng

Moreover, any operation can be done regularly, just indicate it while adding.

We hope that our lessons will help you use Count better and more efficiently. Download Count app for free here:

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